The long definition of APICMS is Application Programme Interface Content Management System. A better definition would be simply content. APICMS streamlines the process of integrating content with pre-defined website layouts and designs. This makes delivering quality, rich content easier, without sacrificing any of the benefits associated with traditional HTML or PHP scripted sites. Painstakingly crafted layouts remain the same. There’s no need to edit complicated code for simple content updates. Now we know that most of what happens online can be tricky at times, like paying online, or playing at Golden Riviera Australia Casino or simply searching – this is why our site is the ideal portal as we simply things for you!




APICMS doesn’t replace the need for HTML or PHP: it works in tandem with website scripting to separate the coding from the content. The API is just 3 lines of code which can be easily integrated, whether a site’s design is determined by a static HTML or dynamic PHP pageThe CMS can then be programmed as you desire, linking your site to a content database hosted on your server. It will automatically retrieve any content stored in the external Client Library and apply it to the site in a way that is unrecognisable to the user or Search Engines. It will look as if all of your content is hosted in the website script. There are many benefits using of this system:

 Invisible But Present

We all want to keep in touch with our customers, readers and (if you’re lucky) hordes of endless fans. And we want to do this on a day-to-day basis! APICMS makes it easier to do this by maintaining the all-important structures of your site, which is more than just a visual impression of your business. This make content very important, whether it’s talking about fashion, music, food, casino games or gardening – you need a system that streamlines the process. It’s the script by which Search Engines use to discover your site. With APICMS the Search Engines will navigate your site in the same way as it did before, without noticing that the content is absent from the source code. You get all of the impact, with none of the hassle!

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