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Buy a License

If you have decided on APICMS you may buy a license in the shop of Wolveware eU. After the license was paid (credit card, Paypal, bank transfer) you can instantly download APICMS the Customer Center.

There are three different versions of APICMS:

  • Hosted Version

The Lite version has all the features the full version offers. The only restriction is that only two content can be edit by the end user!

  • Full Version

The full version has no restrictions. You can create as many categories and contents and upload graphics. In addition, you are always getting the latest updates available!

  •   Hosted Version

In the hosted version, we provide you a server with APICMS already fully installed on it. Therefore you do not need to take care of technical details and can start immediately to write content and configure the system.

The set of the hosted version is still not completely automatic. If you are therefore interested in this version, please contact us.