The Geeks!

Geeks Rule The World

APICMS was founded by a group of like-minded geeks or in the real world, professionals – that is to say we wanted everything quicker and easier without as few drawbacks as possible. The internet is about accessing everything now, which can be an incredibly difficult line to maintain and we know this first hand – we love playing online games and anything that takes online we want to be part of it!

Our mentality is just as demanding, but it’s one we are determined to achieve: streamline it all. We believe that “if it can be made easier, it should be made easier”. We are all, and have always been hard workers, so it’s no small surprise that this mentalityCasino Mate Banner was really born out of experience.

I stopped for coffee in a brief break between undergraduate coursework for graphic design, and a shift in a local retail store. I just happened to notice the separation of responsibilities: a member of staff operated the cash desk; a member of staff operated the coffee machine. With just a few brief words of communication my order was processed, received and I left satisfied. But it got me thinking: why can’t everything be so simple?

Meet the Team

Charlotte StubbsCharlotte Stubbs

As the co-founder of APICMS I take a disproportionate amount of the credit for the development of an idea, which has really been a tremendous group effort. With a background in graphic design and a dangerous addiction to coffee, I provide creative input and energy to the team. My name is Charlotte Stubbs, and it has been three days since my last espresso.

Garry HughesGarry Hughes

Charlotte will probably try to claim that the coffee anecdote was hers, but it was me that introduced her to the coffee shop in the first place. As second co-founder, I functioned mainly as Charlotte’s debate partner during the conception phase of the business. With my background in coding and her incredible creative abilities, we make the perfect partnership.