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The typical problems with CMS systems

Every web designer knows the problem. The customer only wants a small website with two to three subpages and has little budget. However he wants to be able to edit the content afterwards. If you were to create a static site you could be ready in a few hours and you would remain in the budget. Since the customer wants to change the content you have to bother with a CMS that consumes far too much time.

Just look at the Sample use cases of APICMS to get an idea what the CMS is able to do!

  • Graphically sophisticated designs are difficult to pack into the template.

Every web designer knows the problem. Especially those who create graphically very complex designs (eg with Photoshop). You have a nice design but now to customize the HTML code and use templates provided by the CMS, and adjust it so it looks like the home-built design. In the template are a lot of variables and options that you dont know. Therefore, you have to read long documentation although you are only looking just for a little thing and you only have one DIV container with 10 lines of content. Everything else is around static.

  • Navigating the CMS must be adapted and is very complicated

Once you have packed the design into the template the navigation has to be adapted. Since the menu is completely saved in the CMS you have to give proper access rights to the user so he cannot destroy the menu. In addition, one must make sure that the menu items are in the correct order to appear on the site. And finally, there is still a lot of problems with sub-menus.

  • Customer finds himself unable to cope in the complex CMS.

The customer has little experience working with computer and no idea how the CMS is working. He would, however, still at least change the imprint themselves, if one changes the phone number or email. After a few weeks, the customer forgets how the CMS is to use and then when he wants to change the content he calls the web designer so that he should adapt the content quickly. Of course free of charge.